Prince Charles` `Secret Spider` letters to be released


Supreme Court in UK has lifted the ban on the release of what was being called `Black Spider` letters written by Prince Charles, the heir to British monarchy to different ministries.

A journalist from the Guardian newspaper had tried to obtain the contents of these letters under the Freedom of Information act (equivalent to India`s Right to Information act) but didn`t have any luck.
These letters were written between September 2004 and March 2005 and were called `Black Spider` because of the Prince Charles` distinctive handwriting.
Earlier today, a reporter from Channel 4 tried to ask Charles if he was worried over the Supreme Court lifting the ban on his secret letters, but earned angry reaction from the Prince`s aide, who almost smashed his mic.
This lengthy appeal has cost the British exchequer close to 400,000 pounds (Rs 4 crore)



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