Police chief in UK slams country’s PM Boris Johnson for politicising police force, House of Lords approves Bill to block no-deal Brexit


In a double setback to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the country’s Upper House of the parliament has approved the Bill that aimed to block the no-deal Brexit by 31 October. The approval by House of Lords means that the legislation will soon become law.

Boris Johnson
Photo: Sky News

This setback came on the day the opposition parties formed an unprecedented unity to block Johnson’s plans to hold snap polls on 15 October. Johnson was hoping to win the snap general elections so that he could still go ahead ending the UK’s relationship with the European Union by 31 October.

With these two significant developments on Friday, it’s unlikely that Johnson will be able to either hold snap polls by 15 October or come out of the EU by without a deal by 31 October.

Opposition parties have insisted that they will not accept early general elections unless Johnson promises to extend his Brexit plans beyond 31 October.

Meanwhile, Johnson has faced sharp criticism from his own police chief, who accused him of politicising the country’s police force during his speech on Brexit on Thursday. As many as 35 police officers stood behind Johnson as he spoke about his Brexit plans. He was scheduled to mark a recruitment campaign for an extra 20,000 officers during his speech.

Stating that he was ‘disappointed’ by Johnson, Chief Constable John Robins said that he understood the speech would be solely about police officer recruitment.

“We had no prior knowledge that the speech would be broadened to other issues until it was delivered,” the West Yorkshire Police chief was quoted by BBC. Robins added, “I was therefore disappointed to see my police officers as a backdrop to the part of the speech that was not related to recruitment.”

Using the opportunity, Johnson had said on Thursday that he would ‘rather be dead in a ditch’ than delay Brexit.


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