Plane crashes on road, bursts into fireball as commuters waited at traffic light


A small plane had just taken off from a nearby air field in Washington when it touched the power lines causing rupture to its fuel tank before crashing on to a road.

plane crashes fireball

What happened next came as a scary sight for car drivers waiting at a nearby traffic signal. The plane crashed on the road before bursting into a fireball.

The horrified commuters desperately attempted to turn their cars to safety.

Thankfully both the occupants of the plane escaped unhurt.

According to Komo News, The entire episode was capture by a dash cam video by driver Guanting Li.

While coming down, the plane’s wing also scraped a car waiting the traffic signal.

Driver Amanda Hayes said, “I’m so lucky, I just said, ‘Get down!’ And before I know it, I could feel the heat on my face… and like the fireball and the wing clipped at the end.”

Another eyewitness, Elaine Warbus, who witnessed the crash while stopped at the red light, said, “I heard an explosion, a big ‘boom!’ like this, and you saw the smoke blow up and then, ‘whoosh’ he hit the cars and then he went to the side of the road.”

The plane was a single-engine Piper PA32.



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