Paris attacks were planned and organised from Syria: French PM


French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Monday said that the Friday’s attacks by IS militants in Paris were planned and organised from Syria.

He said that authorities believed that new terror attacks were also being planned in France and other European countries adding that raids on suspected militants had been carried out across France early on Monday.

Terror attacks across Paris on Friday had killed 129 people with the targets including bars and restaurants, a concert hall and the Stade de France, where President Hollande was watching football match between France and Germany.

A huge manhunt is under way for surviving members and accomplices of the Islamist group that carried out the attack.

On Sunday, French jets carried out huge military offensive against key IS targets in Syria.

French fighter jets were reported to have dropped 20 bombs on the Islamic State (IS) stronghold of Raqqa in northern Syria, reports Britain’s Sky News.

The planes hit a jihadi recruitment centre, training camp and arms depot run by the group, according to the French defence ministry.

“The raid including 10 fighter jets, was launched simultaneously from the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Twenty bombs were dropped,” a statement said, adding that the mission had taken place on Sunday evening (local time).


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