Pakistani politician says he was ‘stopped’ from attending iftar organised by Indian High Commission in ‘tit-for-tat’ gesture


A prominent Pakistani politician has alleged that he was stopped by his country’s authorities from attending an iftar party organised by the Indian High Commission in Islamabad on Saturday.


Farhatullah Babar took to Twitter to write, “Came to Serena for iftar hosted by Indian HC. Hotel seems barricaded. Told that iftar cancelled. When insisted, I was told to use other gate. Other gate also closed and told to go back to front gate again. What’s going on, something fishy.”

His subsequent tweet informed that he had managed to enter the hotel premises but the iftar party hosted by the Indian High Commission was poorly attended by Pakistani guests. “Somehow managed to enter Serena for iftar by Indian HC. An eerie silence has enveloped hotel, every gaze deflected towards odd visitors in lobby. Authorities seem bent on having the iftar cancelled it at least poorly attended. Pettiness on both sides of border.”

Babar later wrote that Pakistani authorities had made desperate ‘efforts to stop invitees on one pretext or other.’ “It is nearing iftar time. Only foreign diplomats have come so far Not more than half a dozen Pakistani guests able to come. Sad manifestation of tit for tat, pettiness.”

It seems today’s action by Pakistani security agencies was a revenge act after it emerged that last week Indian guests were reportedly interrogated by the intelligence agencies with some of them not even allowed to enter the Pakistani High Commission in Delhi.

Pakistan had threatened to lodge a strong protest with India, terming the incident ‘indecent.’ Pakistan High Commission’s guests were also allegedly harassed at Pakistan Day ceremony on 23 March by India.


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