Ousted Egyptian President Morsi gets death sentence


A court in Egypt has sentenced the deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi to death for over a mass prison break in 2011.

The former Egyptian president has already been given jail sentence of 20 years for allegedly ordering torturing and killing of protesters during his time in power.
Morsi has the right to appeal this sentencing in higher court. death sentence can only be executed in Egypt after it`s been approved by the country`s Grand Mufti. But Grand Mufti`s recommendation is not binding on the court. It can still go ahead with the execution even if the Grand Mufti advises against it.
Morsi was toppled through a military coup led by his own defence minister General Al-Sisi. He`s been in jail since being taken to an unknown location following the military coup.
Morsi was accused of prison break during the famous Arab uprising in 2011.
America, a close ally of Egypt`s military dictators both during Hosni Mubarak and now Al-Sisi has always refused to call the ouster of Morsi a military coup. The US decision drew widespread criticism from international fraternity, who accused the US of utter hypocrisy. The US has been providing Egypt`s dictators the military aid worth $1.5 billion.
Hundreds of peaceful protesters were shot dead by Egyptian military after Al-Sisi took control of power.



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