This news anchor was caught daydreaming, video goes viral


There is nothing new in TV newsreaders committing on-air gaffe. They are often innocuous and inadvertent.

news anchor caught daydreaming

An ABC presenter in Australia was recently caught napping when the live TV camera showed her daydreaming right in the middle of a news bulletin.

Natasha Exelby, who works for ABC 24 news channel, was busy fiddling with her pen in between a report. Her next segment was sports bulletin but she kept fiddling with her pen without realising that she was back on live TV.

The video of Exelby’s shocked reaction with a loud gasp has now gone viral after it was posted on Facebook (watch below).

In the video, the presenter is seen throwing her pen with a loud gasp before quickly introducing the sports segment.

There are rumours that the presenter has been sacked by the channel, but Janta Ka Reporter could not confirm the development.

Social media users are simply loving the video.

Here are some of the reactions:

Murray Dickson: Great Recovery! I have a similar shot of my wife, almost having a heart attack as our daughter did something horrendous on the ice rink.

Matt Gibbs: This reminds me of the ABC newsreader from about 10 years ago who thought he was off-camera when reading a ben cousins story. “Player….. playeeeeerrrr!

Cathy O’Brien: Ummmmm Media Watch how true are the rumours that Natasha has been sacked because of this??!!! If that is the case ABC Management need to get a grip this is funny a teeny slip up and for a journo who has spent the last 12mths reporting from war ravaged countries surely a tiny bit of slack could go Natasha’s way!

Thomas Dolmark: Happens to the best of us, showed us that we are all human


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