Must Watch: Two school friends meet in court, one as the judge other a convict


Two school pals in America had an extraordinary reunion when the judge was about to hand over a verdict in a burglary case.

According to a BBC report, this was the occasion when two school friends, who had gone to a middle school together before their paths changed, realised that while one had become an eminent judge, the other was being tried for a petty crime.

The judge, Mindy Glazer, recognised the convict, who was her classmate once upon a time.

This sent the convict, Arthur Booth, into an utter disbelief.

Judge Mindy Glazer said, “I’m sorry to see you here. I always wondered what happened to you sir. You were one of the nicest kids at the school.”

Hearing this Booth began to weep uncontrollably. He held his head in disbelief and kept uttering ‘Oh My Goodness, Oh My Goodness.” Standing in the dock, Arthur Booth, who was arrested after he was chased in a car by police, broke down in tears when he recognised his former class-mate.

The judge hoped that her former friend and classmate will be a reformed man soon before setting Booth’s bond at $43,000.




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