Muslim boy gets arrested for making ‘hoax bomb’ before being invited at White House by President Obama



President Barack Obama on Wednesday thanked a 14-year-old Ahmed for his ‘clock’ gift. This came as a huge gesture by the president after what the little genius had gone through at the hands of Texas police for their alleged racial prejudices.

Just before Obama tweeted thanking Ahmad for his ‘cool clock’ expressing his intention to bring it to the White House,  this student at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, was handcuffed and sent to juvenile detention centre for making ‘hoax bombs.’

Ahmad Mohammad’s arrest triggered a national outrage as for many it came as yet another episode of racial prejudice against minorities particularly Muslims.

According to New York Times, to correct the mistakes of Texas police, Obama’s staff went on to invite Ahmed to come to the White House for Astronomy Night, to be held Oct. 19, an event bringing together scientists, engineers, astronauts, teachers and students to spend an evening stargazing from the South Lawn.

The president’s spokesman reportedly held out the encounter as a ‘case study in unreasoned prejudice in an era when the country is fighting Islamic terrorism at home and in the Middle East.’

The White House Press Secretary said, ” This episode is a good illustration of how pernicious stereotypes can prevent even good-hearted people who have dedicated their lives to educating young people from doing the good work that they set out to do.”

Recounting his harrowing experience, Ahmed said that he had brought the clock, which he had fashioned with a digital face in an inexpensive box, to school on Monday to show to an engineering teacher, who said it was “nice” but then told him that he should not show the invention to other teachers.

But when it beeped during an English class, Ahmed revealed the device to his English teacher, according to an account in The Dallas Morning News. “She was like, it looks like a bomb,” he said.


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