Morsi’s death sentence upheld by Egyptian court


An Egyptian court on Tuesday upheld the death sentence of ousted President Mohamed Morsi. The court also awarded a life imprisonment to Morsi and 16 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders on espionage charges. It is to be noted that life sentence in Egypt amounts to 25 years in prison.

Three other senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood — Khairat Al Shater, Mohamed Beltagy and Ahmed Abdel Alaty — were sentenced to death by hanging.

Morsi was accused of prison break during the famous Arab uprising in 2011.
America, a close ally of Egypt`s military dictators both during Hosni Mubarak and now Al-Sisi has always refused to call the ouster of Morsi a military coup. The US decision drew widespread criticism from international fraternity, who accused the US of utter hypocrisy. The US has been providing Egypt`s dictators the military aid worth $1.5 billion.
Hundreds of peaceful protesters were shot dead by Egyptian military after Al-Sisi took control of power.


  1. Muslim Brotherhood is peaceful? Every Islam based terror organization is a subsidiary of MB. MB is the same fundamentalist organization as RSS. Driven by hate based ideology, both MB and RSS were created by same imperialist masters for divide and conquer for their globalized New World Order (NWO). US Pres (Obama) infact is guilty of helping Morsi in Jailbreak. Sisi is backed by socially liberal (tolerant) forces in Egypt and he really double crossed fundamentalist Morsi.


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