Military coup in Turkey – Latest Updates


It seems to appear that there is an attempted overthrow of President Tayyip Erdogan’s democracy, Mr Erdogan has ruled Turkey since 2003. If achieved, it would amount to one of the biggest shifts in power in the Middle East in years.

It all started today at roughly 2:30 am Indian time, when there were reports of soldiers inside the building of the turkish broadcaster. It is unclear as to exactly who is heading the ‘coup’ as there were some reports that also stated that a general has been taken hostage. It is alleged that some part of the army has orchestrated the siege.

The Turkish state broadcaster TRT had announced a curfew and gunshots had been reportedly been heard inside then Police headquarters. After that reports of gunfire at the airpot and an explosion at the police headquarters is also been reported.As a precautionary measure social media access has been restricted.

The Indian embassy in Ankara has advised Indian nationals in Turkey to avoid public places and remain indoors, tweeted Foreign Ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup. He also shared emergency contact numbers for Indian nationals in Ankara (+905303142203) and in Istanbul (+905305671095).

The US Secretary of State John Kerry has appealed for calm and peace and is expecting the issue to be resolved internally; he said he was still catching up with fast-moving events in Turkey. However events play out, he hoped that Turkey would be able to resolve the crisis while preserving peace, stability and a respect for “continuity.”

The US state department has told American citizens in Turkey to shelter in place and stay in doors.


Early on France’s Foreign Ministry has advised its citizens in Turkey to stay indoors following the situation in Ankara, Istanbul.

Moscow has advised Turkey to avoid all “bloodshed”. Russia’s Foreign Minister has ordered Russian nationals in Turkey to stay indoors.

The UK Foreign Office has asked for citizens to avoid public places and remain vigilant.

Although a military statement read on state TV said: “Armed forces have seized power, citing rising autocratic rule, increased terrorism”, a presidential source has been quoted by Reuters saying that Turkey’s democratically elected president and government are still in power. Turkish presidential source advises people take the news of the overthrow “with a bucket of salt”.

The President also announced for its citizens to take to the streets to deal with army.

The Govt in power is going through great lengths to make light of the issue describing the attempted mutiny as being conducted by a small faction within the army.
The state-run Anadolu agency of Turkey claims that 17 police have been killed in a helicopter attack on police special forces headquarters in outskirts of Ankara.

According to broadcaster NTV, a turkish fighter jet has shot down a military helicopter used by ‘coup plotters’.

According to Sky News, the Turkish military is reported to have opened fire on civilians in Istanbul, and there are casualties.

More to follow…


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