Mexican govt reopens probe into 43 missing students


The Mexican government has decided to re-investigate the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico’s Guerrero last year.

The officials will now resume the investigation again, after an international panel of experts described many flaws in the earlier probe.

Relatives of the missing students had cast doubt on the information provided by the government in this case.

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The government says Iguala city police transferred these students to the drug mafia, who killed them and had burned their dead bodies.

Inter-American Commission of Human Rights made by a team of experts has condemned the results of the government on the incident.

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They were not ready to accept the fact that the bodies found near the government scrap heap were so burnt that their identification was not possible.


To start exploring the case again a team of specialists with the families of missing students including experts fixed limit of 10 recommendations. The Mexican government has accepted these recommendations.

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After clashes with police, 43 students had gone missing in Mexico’s Iguala City on 26 September, 2014.

The group of students with teachers had gone to Guerrero to protest discrimination.


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