Melbourne attacker dies in hospital after being shot at by police


The man, who set fire a vehicle in Australian city of Melbourne on Friday before stabbing several people, has died in hospital after succumbing to bullet injuries. The man, whose identity has not been revealed by authorities, had set a car on fire before stabbing three people. One of his victims has died, while the condition of the other injured is said to be critical.

Photo: ABC

He was later shot at by cops, who are now treating the attack as an act of terrorism. Police said that they were ‘not looking for anyone further at this early stage,’ reported BBC. “We are now treating this as a terrorism event,” Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton was quoted as saying.

Ashton also said that the attacker had moved to Australia from Somalia in 1990s, and that his family members had been known to police on terrorism-related matters, reported Australia’s ABC.

He said, “I’m not at liberty at this point to disclose the identity of that person. But we are, as I say, having counter-terrorism investigations under way.

“The person is known to police. He’s known to police mainly in respect to relatives that he has that are certainly persons of interest to us. He is someone that, accordingly, is known to both Victoria Police and federal intelligence.”

The attack had taken place at 4 pm local time in Bourke Street of Melbourne. The unnamed attacker was shot in his chest by police.

An eyewitness, who worked at a KFC outlet nearby, said, “Me and my managers ran out to see the car on fire. Took a step closer, turns out there was an old man, a lot of blood on him, just laying on the floor faced down. There were people trying to help him out. Yes, I was really in shock, didn’t know what to do. His face was in a pool of blood when they turned him over.”



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