Libya bans entry of Yemenis, Iranians, Pakistanis for security reasons


The North African country, Libya has ‘officially’ banned the entry of Yemenis, Iranians and Pakistanis from entering the country for security reasons.

According to a military statement, the top army commander Khalifa Haftar signed the latest ban, which on the pretext of preserving “the nation’s security and stability”.

Haftar had repeatedly accused Sudanese, Palestinians and Syrians of joining militant groups. He said that migrants from these countries were more likely to join Ansar al-Sharia and other Islamist groups responsible for causing unrest in Libya.

As Libya remains a divided country with the current administration having stronghold only in the eastern parts of the country, the latest ban will only be applicable to the  the eastern airports of Tobruk and Labraq and the land bordering Egypt.

The ban will affect Pakistani migrants who cross Libya to reach European shores.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean sea, more than hundred migrants died in a shipwreck last month. The latest accident made the Mediterranean one of the deadliest border coasts for migrants.








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