Landslide destroys 6 villages in Nepal, 15 feared dead


A landslide triggered by heavy down pouring in Nepal destroyed six villages in the Northeast mountainous region of Nepal. Reportedly, 15 people are believed to have been killed.

The landslide hit the Taplejung district at night when people were asleep, according to government administrator Surendra Bhattarai.

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He further added that 12-15 people are missing and might even be buried under the debris. He blames the remoteness of the area for lack of accurate information.

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“Continuous rainfall in the affected area has hampered rescue and relief efforts. We are trying to provide essentials to those affected and rescue others,” Bhattarai said.

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There is a looming fear that such landlsides, which are normal during monsoons in Nepal, may occur in other hilly areas between June and September when the rainfall is the heaviest.

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In midst of the country recovering from the earthquakes that rocked the nation in April and May 2015, killing over 8,700 and injuring 22,00o people, the monsoon plus Nepal’s poor infrastructure might just make things worse.


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