Just take the f***ing picture, Britain’s monarch loses patience at Air Force ceremony


Prince Phillip, the husband of the British Queen, lost his cool while attending a commemoration ceremony of the country’s Royal Air Force in London on Friday.

He was at a a photocall at a the RAF club to commemorate the 75th anniversary of what’s known as the Battle of Britain.

Everything was going well until the dignitaries that included Prince William, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie sat down to pose for a group photo. Frustrated by the delay in the execution of the group photo, Prince Phillip told a man, “Just take the f***ing picture!”

The guests present simply laughed off the Duke’s outbursts.

The Battle of Britain, according to historians, was the first big defeat for Germany in World War II. The war continued for five years, but proved to be one of the key turning points in the victory of the allied forces.

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