Not a country for journalists: 46 reporters killed in five years in Pakistan


Pakistan government’s latest data says that 46 journalists have been killed in last 5 years with most killings taking place in Sindh and Balochistan.

This is the first time Pakistan government has released an official data on journalists’ murders in the country.

18 journalists were reported to have been injured while four kidnapped in the same period, says a report published in Pakistan’s Freedom Network website.

The website, however, questioned the authenticity of government figures.

According to Pakistan’s interior ministry, 17 journalists each were killed in Sindh and Balochistan provinces during the last five years, while Khyber Pakhtunkhwa bordering Afghanistan witnessed seven murders of journalists.

Chaudhry Nisar Khan, who’s the minister for interior and narcotics,  told Parliament, “The government has reaffirmed its resolve to take all necessary measures to ensure speedy investigation of all cases involving attacks on journalists and media-persons.”

He was replying to a questio  from the MQM MP, Sheikh Salahuddin, during the 24th session of the Parliament.

Pakistan has an appalling track record on press freedom and journalists often have to work under constant threats to their lives. The most gruesome attack on a journalist was on American journalist Daniel Pearl, who was beheaded by the suspected members of Pakistani Taliban.



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