Islamic State’s Afghanistan head, Hafiz Saeed, killed in US ‘drone attacks’


American drone attacks have killed the leader of Islamic State in Afghanistan, Hafiz Saeed, Afghanistan’s intelligence agency said on Saturday.

However, this is not the same Hafiz Saeed, wanted by India in connection with Mumbai’s 26/11 attacks.

The statement released by the National Directorate of Security said that “Hafiz Saeed, was killed along with 30 other insurgents in a strike on their compound in the Achin region of Nangarhar Province.”

The statement further read, “As a result of efforts made by the NDS, the location of ISIS fighters’ gathering was found and the information was shared with the coalition forces who then carried out an airstrike on them.”

That came after Afghan officials said that the US airstrike on Tuesday had killed the affiliate’s second-highest official, Gul Zaman, and six others, including a former Pakistani Taliban spokesman named Shahidullah Shahid.

Neither the IS nor the Afghan government have confirmed the death Hafiz Saeed.

This is only the third time that US forces have used drones to attack IS targets in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan intelligence agency said that this latest development will have considerable impact on the security situation in Afghanistan.

American drone had reportedly killed another IS figure called Mullah Abdul Rauf in Afghanistan in February this year.

Afghan officials have confirmed the existence of IS in the country but said presence wasn’t really significant. So far the IS is said to have its presence in three of its provinces, including Nangarhar, which borders Pakistan and frequently sees militants cross its borders.


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