IS video ‘shows’ jihadists behind Paris attack


The latest video released by the Islamic State group shows the jihadists behind the Paris attacks in November that killed around 130 people.

In this video, nine jihadists threaten the “coalition” countries, including Britain, that have been fighting against the IS in Syria and Iraq since September 2014.

The video, posted on jihadist websites and titled ‘Kill wherever you find them’, shows four Belgians, three French citizens and two Iraqis said to be responsible for the Paris attacks. They are shown speaking in French and in Arabic, and saying that their “message is addressed to all the countries taking part in the (US-led) coalition” against the IS.

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The video also shows a photo of British Prime Minister David Cameron with the following words in English: “Whoever stands in the ranks of kufr (blasphemy) will be a target for our swords.”

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Produced by IS’s Al-Hayat Media Centre, the video describes the nine jihadists as ‘lions’ who ‘brought France to its knees’.

The video also shows images of the coordinated Paris attacks as well as security operations by French Special Forces during the attack. It also depicts the nine jihadists carrying out atrocities, including beheading and shooting people described as hostages.

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