Iran, Europe resolve to boost ties after n-deal


Iran and the European Union on Saturday vowed to enhance cooperation on mutual and international issues during the first visit by an European parliament president to the country.

The visit of Martin Schulz, president of the European parliament, has prepared the proper ground for enhancement of ties after the July nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers, said Ali Larijani, Iran’s parliament speaker, at a joint press conference.

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Schulz arrived in Iran’s capital Tehran on Saturday for talks to step up dialogue between Iran and the EU, Xinhua news agency reported.

“We had constructive talks today on the regional issues, including terrorism and the existing crises,” Larijani said.

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The nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 –US, Britain, China, Russia, France and Germany — group, is at its implementation stage.

It will, hopefully, lead to the opening of a new chapter in the economic and political ties between Iran and Europe, Schulz said.

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On October 18, Iran and the world powers announced to start implementing the deal reached in Vienna, Austria, on July 14 over Tehran’s controversial nuclear programme.

A number of officials from leading Western countries have recently visited Tehran in an effort to re-establish ties and restore economic cooperation.


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