Indian American student sentenced to life in murder case


25 year old, Rahul Gupta, who was pursuing bio-medical engineering at George Washington University has been sentenced to life in prison for killing his friend, Mark Waugh over a love triangle.

In October 2013, Gupta and Waugh were out with Gupta’s girlfriend celebrating Gupta’s birthday and drinking heavily, reports suggest. Prosecutors claim Gupta became jealous about his girlfriend talking with another man and Waugh accompanied them back to their Silver Spring apartment to talk things out. The following morning, Gupta’s girlfriend called the police and reported the murder. Waugh was allegedly stabbed and slashed 11 times.

Gupta was arrested the same day the murder was reported. According to the arrest report, Gupta told police: “My girl and my buddy were cheating, my girl was cheating with my buddy. I walked in on them cheating and I killed my buddy.

After Gupta’s endless narratives in the court, the jury found him guilty and has sentenced him life imprisonment.


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