India-Saudi ties growing stronger, says Kingdom’s envoy on National day


India-Saudi Arabia ties are going strong and their bilateral energy cooperation is at a high level, the kingdom’s envoy, Saud bin Mohammed Al-Sati, said on the occasion of his country’s national day.

The embassy celebrated its National Day on Monday. The day is celebrated across Saudi Arabia on 23 September to mark the unification of the nation.

Tasking about the bilateral relationship, the envoy said, “The ties between India and Saudi Arabia have never been better, and they are getting stronger by the day. Our energy ties are also growing. Our relationship is at a very enhanced level.”

Saudi Arabia is India’s fourth largest trading partner. The two-way trade in 2013-14 was over $48.62 billion and touched $29.90 billion during April-November 2014. The import of crude oil forms a major component of the bilateral trade.

Over 2.8 million Indian expatriates are working in Saudi Arabia- from high-end scientific and research jobs to the construction sector. They contribute majorly to the Saudi economy and play a vital role in strengthening India-Saudi bilateral ties.


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