US Election 2016: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 7 points, race tightens in key states


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has opened up a significant lead of seven percentage points over her Republican rival Donald Trump, a latest poll has said, even though other surveys indicated a tightening race in the key states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The Monmouth University poll, conducted from last Thursday to Sunday, shows Clinton leading Trump by 46% to 39%. As per the poll, Clinton is winning 85% of self-identified Democrats, while Trump has the support of fewer Republicans at 78%.

Clinton also has a slight advantage among those who identify as independents, leading by 37 to 32%. However, a new poll released by the Three Emerson College showed that that Clinton and Trump each have 43% support in Ohio. In Michigan, Clinton leads Trump by five points, (45% to 40%) and by three points in Pennsylvania, (46% to 43%).

The Republican nominee is doing better among independents in all three States. According to RealClearPolitics, which keeps track of all major polls, Clinton is leading Trump by 6.1 percentage points in the average of all these polls.

Meanwhile, in another poll conducted by HuffPost/YouGov, as many as 54% of Republican and party-leaning voters believe Trump isn’t the best choice as the party’s nominee. On the other hand, 56 % of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters are content with Hillary Clinton as their party’s nominee.

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  1. Its very amusing to read that Hillary has “opened up a significant lead” when the FACT is that her lead has been cut in half!! You are too funny!!!


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