Egypt’s security building hit by powerful car bomb


Egypt’s interior ministry says that its security building in northern Cairo has been hit by a car bomb in the early hours of Thursday morning.

There are no reports of casualties yet but the media reports say that at least six people were injured by the explosion in the northern Shubra district of the city.

An interior ministry statement said, ” A man suddenly stopped his car in front of the state security building, jumped out of it and fled on a motorbike that followed the car.”

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Eyewitnesses say that they heard and felt a large explosion just before 02:00 local time.

Cairo has been hIt by several bomb attacks by militant this year.

These attacks have sharply risen after General Abdul Fattah  Al-Sisi led a military coup toppling the first popularly elected government of Muslim Brotherhood. Soon afterBAl-Sisi assumed power, his military had ordered massacres of peaceful protesters of Muslim Brotherhood outside Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque in Cairo.

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More recently, a court in Cairo had ordered death sentence to Mohammed Morsi, the President General Al-Sisi had removed through a military coup before placing him under prolonged detention.

Egyptian courts are known to have biases in favour of military dictators and were very active in their protests against Morsi-led government in 2012 even going on strike in support of the President’s detractors.

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It’s perhaps this reason why the Egyptian security forces have been the focus of the bombings and militants have vowed to continue targeting them.

No one, however, has claimed responsibility for Thursday’s attack.

Thursday’s attack comes just days after Al-Sisi approved new counter-terrorism laws designed to fight the growing insurgency.


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