BREAKING: Donald Trump was rushed off stage at a rally by secret service


In a dramatic development on Sunday morning American secret service rushed off Donald Trump during a rally in Navada.

Experts say that this could only happen following a security threat to Trump’s life.

secret service

In the video two security agents could be seen grabbing Trump by the shoulders and rushing him backstage.

Some witnesses said that panic started when someone said: “He’s got a gun.”

Paul Lewis, who’s a reporter for London’s Guardian, tweeted, “I’ve spoken to six witnesses. Panic apparently sparked when someone yelled “he’s got a gun”. Unclear if he did. No-one I spoke to saw weapon”

According to ABC, Trump returned to the stage a short while later to continue his rally speech.

He thanked the secret service agents.

He said, “I want to thank the Secret Service, those guys are fantastic.”

Trump is seeking to replace Barack Obama as the next US President. He’s pitted  against Hillary Clinton.

The polls will take place on 8 November.


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