Donald Trump becomes the third US president in history to be impeached and now faces trial in Senate


Donald Trump has become only the third US president in the country’s history to be impeached in the House of Representatives. He now faces a trial in the Senate that will decide whether the disgraced president remains in office.

Donald Trump

The House first voted on the abuse of power by the president and then that he had obstructed Congress. Both Democrats and Republicans voted along their party lines. Trump was addressing a rally in Michigan when the voting took place in the House of Representatives.

A statement by the White House said, “US President Donald Trump is confident the Senate will restore regular order, fairness, and due process, all of which were ignored in the House proceedings. He is prepared for the next steps and confident that he will be fully exonerated.”

Two other US presidents being impeached in the past are Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Experts say that President Trump is unlikely to forced out of office since his Republican party has a majority in the Senate. According to BBC, Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell last week said that Republican senators would act in “total co-ordination” with the president’s team during the trial, outraging Democrats who pointed out that Senators are obliged to act as impartial jurors.

Trump may avoid losing his job, but he will forever have to live with this hurt that he had to be impeached for questionable integrity.




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