Disturbed by Indian restrictions in Kashmir: Powerful US senator


Mark Warner, a powerful US senator, has said that he was concerned by ‘restrictions on communications and movement within Jammu and Kashmir.’ Warner, who is also the co-chair of the Senate India Caucus, urged India to ‘live up to its democratic principles’ by lifting the ban in the valley.

US senator

“While I understand India has legitimate security concerns, I am disturbed by its restrictions on communications and movement within Jammu and Kashmir. I hope India will live up to its democratic principles by allowing freedom of press, information, and political participation,” Warner tweeted.

The US senator was reacting to a report by The New York Times over the human sufferings in Kashmir due to the prolonged Indian crackdown. Titled as ‘In Kashmir, a Race Against Death, With No Way to Call a Doctor,’ the newspaper said that local residents in Kashmir were dying due to lack of access to medical treatment due to restrictions imposed by the Indian government.

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The Indian government had imposed restrictions on people’s movement in Jammu and Kashmir on 4 August, a day before it revoked Article 370 giving special status to the region. Nearly eight million population of Kashmir has been forced to live without access to public transport, mobile phones or the internet.

Last month, Britain’s Labour Party had passed a resolution at its annual conference in Brighton urging party leader Jeremy Corbyn to seek international observers to enter the region and demand the right of self-determination for the Kashmiri people.


  1. Now a days no one cares about Muslim in India, So this type of time to time sympathy is necessary from U.S. because if something wrong against Christian in India, they will forcefully push the agenda to defend them with the help of this type sympathy tweet of Muslim to prove them self a human rights watcher.

    In real no one cares for Indian Muslim, as Home minister of India said strict rules are making for Indian Muslim to prove them out sider and will forcefully detain where their life will be hell. If Muslim will not unite in India soon they will face more torture and humiliation. If they will not unite for fight in legal way. Because India already made RSS as Legal terrorist.


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