Did President Obama just confess being a Muslim, asks some social media users?


US President Barrack Obama blaming that the Muslim community wasn’t doing enough to push extremism has caused a fresh row.

Addressing a news conference at the G20 meet, Obama asked non-Muslims not to buy into stereotypes about Islam, but also asked Muslims to consider what can be done to stop the small minority of people who identify as Muslim and support extremist ideology — especially in an age when, he argued, social media allows ISIS ideology to spread more quickly than before.

He said, “To some degree, that is something that has to come from within the Muslim community itself. I think there have been times where there has not been enough pushback against extremism.”

He then added, “The Muslim community needs to think about how we can make sure that children are not being infected with this twisted notion that somehow they can kill innocent people and that is justified by religion.”

The use of ‘we’ in the above quote appears to have kicked off a fresh controversy with many twittratis asking if the President had just confessed to being a Muslim.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the tweets:








  1. Unbelievable – WE was all inclusive. Not just Muslims. He finally said something that makes sense in regards to the fight against terrorism and finally states that the Muslim community needs to take responsibility and still people want to destroy it.


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