COVID-19 and Islamophobia: Another Indian hatemonger sacked by Dubai firm for objectionable Facebook post


Another Indian hatemonger working in Dubai has been sacked from his job for sharing a Facebook post mocking Islam. Hyderabad’s Bala Krishna Nakka, who worked as the Chief Accountant at Dubai’s Moro Hub Data Solutions Company, has become the third Indian this month to have lost his job in UAE for mocking Islam in the wake of the COVIND-19 pandemic.

Indian hatemonger

Nakka had shared a cartoon featuring two Muslims as human bombs interacting with other. While one was shown to be a Taliban suicide bomber, the second was portrayed as a member of the Tablighi Jamaat, who had corona bomb strapped to his body. In another post, a Muslim man was shown to be carrying coronavirus to infect India.

Nakka’s action evoked widespread condemnation with many tagging his employer in Dubai and asked for stringent action against him. His company said in a statement, “At Moro, we take a zero-tolerance attitude to material that is or may be deemed to be Islamaphobic or hate speech. The tweets that we have been alerted to do not, in any way reflect Moro’s brand values. This case is currently under investigation & necessary action will be taken.”

A report by the Gulf News said that Moro had sacked Nakka for his Islamophobic social media post. This comes just days after two Indians were sacked from their job in the UAE for mocking Islam in the wake of the global outbreak of coronavirus.

Earlier, an Indian was sacked from his job in Kuwait for insulting Islam by linking the faith to the spread of coronavirus.

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak has gripped India, the usual suspects in the Indian media have launched a sustained campaign to link the spread of the virus to the Muslim community in the guise of attacking the members of the Tablighi Jamaat. These Islamophobes masquerading as journalists have even gone to the extent of peddling fake news. Much to their embarrassment, most of the fake news peddled by them has been busted by different departments of the BJP ruled states.


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