British Sikh MP lashes out at Indian media outlets for ‘misinformation’ campaign to malign protesting farmers; calls them ‘hater troll factory’


British Sikh MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi has lashed out at Indian media outlets for spreading ‘misinformation’ in a bid to malign protesting farmers and those raising their voices in their support by labelling them as ‘separatists and terrorists.’ Dhesi, who wrote to British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab along with 35 other cross-party MPs seeking an intervention in India’s farmers’ protests, slammed Indian media outlets by calling them ‘hater troll factory.’

In a series of tweets, Dhesi wrote, “Some in the media have begun misinformation of labelling peaceful farmers, or those speaking up for them, as separatists or terrorists. You do a disservice to your nation and profession. Hater troll factory: your abuse and intimidation won’t deter me from speaking the truth.”

The outspoken British Labour parliamentarian also shared screenshots of some Indian media outlets that had made desperate attempts to defame the Indian farmers by linking their extraordinary movement to separatists. Some outlets had also sought to undermine Dhesi’s credibility by accusing him of being a sympathiser of the pro-Khalistan movement.

Dhesi wrote, “Can’t take credit for attending a protest, let alone organising one. Please stick to the facts, rather than weakening one of the key pillars of a democracy.”

Dhesi was recently in the news after his question in the British parliament left the country’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson red-faced. Johnson was widely mocked for confusing the India’s farmers’ protests with the border dispute between India and Pakistan. Netizens had called Johnson ‘ignorant and careless’. The British foreign office had to issue a clarification in the wake of growing negative bad press caused by Johnson’s gaffe.


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