VIDEO- British executive of Indian origin given 8-year jail term for repeatedly raping drunk teenager, act caught on CCTV


A British man of Indian origin has been sentenced to eight years in jail after being caught on CCTV in London carrying an 18-year-old clubber on his shoulders and dragging her down an alley before raping her repeatedly.

Indian origin

The man identified as Sanjay Naker left the teenager unconscious as she lay soaked in vomit and her own urine after he pounced on her when she was thrown out of a nightclub and was ‘too drunk to walk.’

The Pricewaterhouse Coopers finance executive was lurking outside the bar and feigned concern before trying to kiss her and slinging her over his shoulder, reported The Queensland Times.

Naker, who is a married man and lives with his wife and mother-in-law, dragged the teenager away from the Number 1 venue in London’s Tooley Street. He was caught on CCTV carrying his victim to a deserted alley where he forced her to perform sexual acts in a savage 30-minute ordeal.

A passer-by found Naker at 4:45 am standing over his half-naked victim and zipping up his trousers as she lay unconscious and covered in urine and vomit.

Naker told cops that the teenager was ‘really horny’ and begged him for sex, but jury members saw her drunken state on CCTV before sentencing him for eight years.

The trial saw footage of the teenage victim staggering about and falling in a gutter after being denied re-entry to the club.

The footage shows the victim slumped over Naker’s back, then falling to the ground. She then appears to try to get away before he drags her by the arms out of view.

“Naker had also been denied entry and was ‘loitering’ outside,” QT quoted Neena Crinnion, who was prosecuting.

Crinnion told jurors, “He managed to manoeuvre her on to his back, into a piggyback position, and he is off across the road and down towards the passageway.”

Naker admitted later searching online for a definition of the word ‘rape’ but said it reassured him he had done nothing wrong.

Naker, of Wood Green, North London, denied wrongdoing but was found guilty of three counts of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault after a trial at Inner London Crown Court and was sentenced for 8 years in prison.


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