Brajkishore Gupta, Indian from Bihar, sacked by UAE firm for Islamophobic social media posts


A firm in the UAE has sacked a Hindutva bigot without any notice for posting Islamophobic materials on his social media page. Brajkishore Gupta from Bihar in India worked for a mining firm in Ras Al Khaimah and is on his way to India after being fired from his job.

Brajkishore Gupta

Gupta had used his Facebook page to share multiple Islamophobic materials including blaming Muslims for spreading coronavirus and condoning this year’s communal riots that left over 50 people dead. His social media post on Delhi’s anti-Muslim carnage ‘divine justice.’

Hailing from Chhapra in Bihar, Gupta worked in Stevin Rock, a mining company headquartered in Ras Al Khaimah. The company’s business development and exploration manager Jean-François Milian told Gulf News, “This isolated incident involving a junior employee was investigated and dealt with immediately resulting in the termination without notice of this person’s employment with Stevin Rock.”

Reacting to the news, Princess Hend Al Qassimi from the Sharjah royal family said, “Welcome to the UAE, where hate speech is a crime. Failure to respect yourself and our laws gets you a first class ticket to prison, fine and deportation.”

The sacking of Gupta comes after several Hindutva bigots lost their jobs across the Gulf region for sharing Islamophobic social media posts. Two Indians were sacked from their job for mocking Islam in the wake of the global outbreak of coronavirus in April this year.

Indian Ambassador to UAE Pavan Kapoor had urged Indians living in the Gulf kingdom to exercise caution amidst a raging controversy over Islamophobia. Kapoor quoted a recent tweet by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reiterate that India believed in the value of ‘non-discrimination.’

In March this year, Dubai-based Indian chef Trilok Singh was sacked for issuing rape threats to a woman in Delhi on Facebook and abusing Muslims.

Last year, a UAE-based company Security-Transguard had sacked one of its employees for celebrating the New Zealand terror attack that killed 50 Muslim worshippers. The UAE government had later deported the man, identified as Rony Singh, to an unnamed country.

In 2018, a Gulf company had fired one of its employees from Kerala for an insensitive social media post mocking the plight of flood victims in the southern Indian state.

The same year, Dubai’s JW Marriott Marquis Hotel had sacked Chef Atul Kochhar, who ran the hotel’s Indian restaurant, Rang Mahal, inside its premises after he sensationally posted hateful tweets against Islam and Muslims.



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