BJP supporters’ #BoycottMalaysia campaign backfires after PM Mahathir Mohamad says India ‘invaded and occupied’ Kashmir


BJP supporters recently took to Twitter vowing to teach Malaysia a lesson after Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad accused India of invading and occupying Kashmir in defiance of UN resolutions.

Mahathir Mohamad

What irked the supporters of the saffron party the most a tweet posted from the official Twitter handle of the Malaysian prime minister. It read, “The helplessness of the world in stopping atrocities inflicted on the Rohingyas in Myanmar had reduced the regard for the resolution of the UN. Now, despite UN resolution on Jammu and Kashmir, the country has been invaded and occupied.”

BJP supporters, who were hailing Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently for pulling off a diplomatic coup by reportedly convincing Mohamad for the extradition of Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, launched and trended hashtag #BoycottMalaysia on Twitter. Most BJP supporters posting using this hashtag were urging Indian tourists to not visit Malaysia in a bid to hurt the latter’s economy.

This prompted an instant reaction from Malaysian Twitter users, who surprisingly agreed with their right-wing Indian counterparts and said Indians should stay away from visiting Malaysia.

Many Malaysian users also reminded right-wing users about the recent viral video of an Indian family being caught in Indonesia for stealing hotel items said that their country was better off without visitors from India.


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