Bangladeshi photographer physically attacked, loses job for taking photo of couple kissing in public


A Bangladeshi photo journalist has had to face physical attack by fellow photographers and lose his job after his photo of a couple kissing in public went viral. Photographer Jibon Ahmed has lost his job as a photographer with a Bangladeshi news platform,  Purbapashchim.

In the photo (see above), a couple can be seen kissing in the rain inside the compound of Dhaka University, reportedly in front of the Teachers and Students’ Centre. When Ahmed posted the photo on his Facebook page, he received plenty of positive feedback, but the photo also earned him ire from social media users.

One user on Twitter wrote, “These lovers are getting increasingly bold these days. Earlier, they used to do these things secretly. Now they are so brazen. That day is not far when they will start having sex openly.”

Unaffected by public criticism, Ahmed defended his decision to post the photo on his Facebook page. He told News18, “An image is subjective and anyone can interpret it the way they want. I cannot really help it. Everyone has a different way of looking at things. To some it’s love to some it’s obscene.”

Aside from facing public wrath on social media, Ahmed was also assaulted by his photo journalist friends at the same spot, where he had clicked the kissing couple. Reacting to the news of being fired, Ahmed said, “In this case too, the office gave me no exact reason for firing me. I was just told that I can’t work here anymore.”

Speaking to Washignton Post, Ahmed said that he was scouting for photographs near the teacher-student centre at the university on Monday when he saw a couple lip-locked in the rain. He wasted no time in capturing the moment in his camera and sent it to his newsroom. He said he was disappointed that his editors decided not to run the photo fearing public backlash.

Even though Bangladesh is has doesn’t have Islamic rule imposed in the country, the liberal writers have been facing attacks on their lives routinely. Several bloggers have already lost their lives by religious bigots.







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