Bangladeshi radical group threatens bloggers and activist around the world, published Hit List


The Ansarullah Bangla Team (ATB) has been published a hit list of bloggers and activists around the world, threatening to kill them. ATB which has been blamed for a series of murders of secular writers in Bangladesh, is close to the Ansar ul-Islam organisation, part of Al-Qaeda in south Asia.

In this list ABT targets nine bloggers in the UK, two in US and one each in Canada and Sweden.

The ABT said in a statement, ” Cancel the bangladeshi citizenship of enemies of Islam and (Muslim religious) education, atheists, apostates, unbelievers, anti-Islamic … bloggers, agents of India … otherwise they will be killed wherever they can be found in the Almighty’s world.”

These are happening when a number of ABT leaders and activists were arrested by the Bangladesh police, including its chief Muhammad Abdul bashar and his two associates in connection with the murder of Bangladeshi-American secular blogger and science writer Avijit Roy.

And after Avijit Roy many more bloggers have been killed by this militant group. Such as Washiqur rahman, 27, in march of this year. In May 2015 Ananta Bijoy das who blogged for a website, was hacked to death in Sylhet, north- eastern Bangladesh. As well as in august of this year seasoned blogger Niloy neel was done to death in Dhaka recently. And in 2004 a Dhaka University professor, Humayun Azad, was brutally attacked to death.

While a Bangladeshi blogger who is on the hit list Ananya Azad said, ” our weapon (the) pen, and we can use it without hurting anybody.”

In this issues Brad Adams, Director of Human Rights Watch Asia said, ” it’s shocking that Bangladesh not only failed to protect the bloggers despite…threats, but instead are proposing self-censorship.”


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