At least 38 dead in Mexico in landslides


Landslides triggered by remnants of Tropical Storm Earl have killed at least 38 people
in Mexico, officials have said.

A total of 28 died in central Puebla state, at least 15 of them minors, as landslides buried several houses, the state government said on Sunday.

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The other 10 died in similar circumstances in the eastern state of Veracruz, governor said.
In the town of Huauchinango, the amount of rain that normally falls in a month came pouring down in just 24 hours, the Puebla government said.

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A hill crumbled and came sweeping down on an adjacent village, killing 11 people including eight minors, it said.

Some 200 people were left homeless in Puebla by the torrential rains, while in Veracruz rivers swelled with rainwater and dozens of families were evacuated.

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