US, India military relationship is the closest ever: US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter


India-US military relationship is the “closest it has been ever” and the two countries are exercising together by air, land and sea for the first time, America’s Defence Secretary Ashton Carter has said.

He underlined that the two great democracies have done a strategic and technological “handshake”.

“America’s regional partnerships are growing in number and strength. The US-India military relationship is the closest it’s ever been. Great nation, large democracy,” Carter in his remarks aboard the USS Carl Vinson in San Diego yesterday.

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“Through our strategic handshake with America’s reaching west in our re-balance and India reaching east in what Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi calls his Act East Policy, our two nations are exercising together by air, land, and sea.”

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Never did that before, he noted.

“There is also a technological handshake between the United States and India. The US-India Defence Technology and Trade Initiative grasps hands with Prime Minister Modi’s Make in India campaign, helping our countries move toward more diverse defence co-development and co-production of weapons systems,” Carter said.

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Noting that Asia-Pacific is the most consequential region for America’s future, he said the US is managing “historic change” in the area.


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