Anti-CAA draft resolution by 154 MPs, to come up for debate in EU parliament, says Indian act will cause ‘largest ever statelessness crisis in world’


As many as 154 MPs from the European Parliament have submitted a draft resolution against the ‘dangerously divisive’ and discriminatory’ Citizenship (Amendment) Act passed by the Indian parliament. These MPs, known as MEP,  form the powerful Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Union and represent 24 countries across Europe.

draft resolution

Their resolution is expected to come for discussion on 29 January with the voting scheduled for 30 January. The resolution expressed grave concerns over the safety of Indian Muslims and how the implementation of the discriminatory act will render ‘many Muslims citizens stateless’ when the Centre rolls out NRC across India. It says that the exercise will result in the largest ever statelessness crisis in the world.

The resolution said that the CAA will set ‘a dangerous precedent and represents an intensification of the Government’s Hindu nationalist agenda.’ It also added that the ‘indivisibility of human rights, including civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, is one of the main objectives of the European Union in its relations with India.’ The resolution sought to underline that it was ‘explicitly discriminatory in nature as it specifically excludes Muslims from access to the same provisions as other religious groups.’

Countrywide protests have erupted against the Act, which provides automatic citizenship to non-Muslim immigrants living in India. Analysts say that once NRC is rolled out, the act will provide a safety net to non-Muslims living in India to declare themselves as persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan. But, the Muslims will be declared stateless since they will struggle to produce documents to establish their claims of Indian citizenship.

The EU draft resolution said, “Whereas the CAA also excludes Rohingya Muslims from Burma, who have been described by Amnesty International and the United Nations as the world’s most persecuted minority; whereas the CAA also ignores the plight of Ahmadis in Pakistan, Bihari Muslims in Bangladesh and Hazaras in Pakistan, all of whom are subject to persecution in their home countries.”


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