Another Christchurch averted? Muslim worshippers overpower armed man at London mosque


A CCTV video footage showing a group of Muslim worshippers overpowering an armed man carrying a hammer at a London mosque has gone viral. According to British media, cops had to be called after alert Muslim worshippers at the Darussalam Cultural Centre in Hayes Road, Southall, west London, grabbed an armed attacker shortly after 4.30am.

London mosque

In the video, the hammer wielding attacker can be seen entering the mosque premises before an alert worshipper grabs him from behind. Soon, others too pounce on him.

London’s Sky News quoted a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police as saying, “It is believed the man may have been involved in a dispute with people who he believed to have been attendees from the mosque the previous day.” The spokesperson added, “He was detained by worshippers prior to police arrival.”

Cops have arrested the man on ‘suspicion of attempted grievous bodily harm and is in custody at a west London police station.’

Several mosques in March this year faced a series of attacks with five of them having their windows smashed in one night alone.

An Australian national, identified as Brendon Terrant, had killed 49 Muslim worshippers in Christchurch in March this year.

You can watch the video here.



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