ISIS can be destroyed in a mater of few days: Former PM of Israel


According to the former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak, the dreaded militant group Islamic State (ISIS) is not that strong and it is possible to destroy them in a matter of days as they have never fought a real battle.

In an interview to Russia Today, 73-year-old Barak said, “I think that ISIS is successful to a certain extent because they are not facing a concentrated effort to destroy the organisation”.

“Technically they aren’t that strong. They are made up of only about 30-40 thousand people,” the Israeli soldier who also served as defence minister for six years said.

“Basically, what they faced in Ramadi (a town in central Iraq that was occupied by ISIS) and elsewhere in Iraq are armies that don’t want to fight. When an army doesn’t want to fight, you don’t need much experience to win,” he added.

“ISIS has never fought a real battle,” Barak, who was also the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff said.

According to reports, Islamic State had taken full control of Ramadi in May in what is being seen as the biggest defeat for the Baghdad government since last summer. Even today a lone wolf attack in France’s Grenoble came as a shocker for the global community which clearly shows the length and breadth of ISIS’ terror network.


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