4 dead in blast near Kabul airport, Taliban claims responsibility


A car bomb on Monday exploded near the entrance of Kabul airport in which at least four people are reported to have been killed and 17 injured.

Police, soldiers, and ambulances rushed to the site, which is usually crowded with pedestrians and vehicles.

According to witnesses, the entrance is now left with the remains of a charred car while at a distance, destroyed shops could be seen. Windows of a nearby wedding hall were also shattered by the blast.


While talking to the Associated Press about the four recovered bodies, Wahidullah Mayar, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Health confirmed, “Among the injured are one child and one woman.”

Kabul’s deputy chief, Gen Gul Agha Rohani was informed that “a suicide car bomber had struck the front gate of the airport,” while he was on the way to the blast site.

Meanwhile, Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.  The incident took place days after a series of suicide attacks in the Afghan capital had killed dozens and wounded hundreds.

President Ashraf Ghani will hold a televised press conference in the later part of the day (Monday).


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