16 injured in shooting in New Orleans playground


At least 16 people were injured in a shooting incident at a park in New Orleans city of the US, police said.

Sixteen people were taken to hospital, he said.

It was not clear how serious the injuries were, or what started the shooting. But the shooting’s aftermath was “chaotic,” The Times-Picayune reported, with several people lying around the park’s main building and hats and possessions scattered around the playground.

New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison told NBC station WDSU that the shootings, which occurred shortly before 7 p.m. local time, may be gang-related. They occurred during an after-party following an annual “second line” parade at Bunny Friend Park in the city’s 9th Ward.

Police spokesman Tyler Gamble told The Associated Press that police were on their way to break up the crowd when gunfire erupted. He said there were two groups at the park — those who had walked there in the parade and those watching or participating in the video. He said it was being made without a permit.


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