Watch: Massive fire in Kolkata’s Bagri Market, 30 fire engines engaged


A massive fire has broke in one of the busiest markets in central Kolkata last night with 30 fire engines being roped in to control the fire. Dramatic photos and videos from the incident site suggest the magnitude of the damage caused by the fire.

massive fire

Kolkata Mayor Sovan Chatterjee said that the fire broke out at 2.45 am adding that firefighters were desperately finding the operation tough because of ‘the number of buildings’ in the area.

Elsewhere, a senior official was quoted by news agency PTI as saying, “As the area is very congested, we are finding it difficult to work. We are using hydraulic ladder and gas cutters to cut through the grills of the gates and small windows to enter the building.”

Bagri Market is on Kolkata’s famous Canning Street and houses many shops dealing with wholesale of plastic toys, cosmetics and other trading materials.

The dramatic visuals of the fire suggest that it started from the ground floor before it spiralled out of control.

Loud noise could be heard from inside the building as the fire began to spread. The last night’s development has adversely affected the traffic movement in Kolkata, where the police had to issue advisory for city’s commuters.

Here are some of the exclusive photos and visuals from the spot.














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