Watch: Drugged horse sends groom tossing through the air in Canada


A Sikh groom’s wedding plans in Ottawa went into a toss when the mare he was riding on threw him into the air. The video has now gone viral on the Internet.

The animal was allegedly fed drugs in the city of Surrey, British Columbia, media reported.

Such incidents usually take place in cases of revenge when the horse is deliberately given drugs in a private way. In royal families, horses are considered objects of pride and any sort of damage to them is quite often taken extremely personally.

In the video, the groom lost his turban in the grand fall but he miraculously escaped unhurt. He was even able to remount the mare and ride to the wedding ceremony.

“The horse has done several weddings and she has always been perfect. I do not know what happened,” the animal’s owner said.

The owner at first thought that the groom’s shoes and sword had made the animal uncomfortable.

The video footage even showed a man approaching the horse earlier and feeding her something.

“Who would do that? Why would you ever want to do that to a horse?” said the owner, while adding, “I have no idea what a substance like that would do to her.”


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