The Story Behind “Janta Ka Reporter” by Rifat Jawaid


The purpose of launching this website is to revolutionize the way we report news. Impartiality, objectivity and audience trust will be the guiding principles of our newsgathering ethos. Rifat Jawaid shows his views as a reason to launch the Janta Ka Reporter as an Indian Media Company.

Rifat Jawaid has spent his last 12 years in United Kingdoms and Former BBC editor, Rifat Jawaid want to change the media culture in India and want to Media to stand up as the fourth pillar of the country. He highlights the importance of showing the real stories to the people and save the people trust in Media.


  1. Every single news article in your site is anti Modi and then you on making a claim that you are impartial. This doesn’t make sense really. There is no doubt that there are several issues and shortcomings of Modi government but they have also done several good things. Your single minded focus is on publishing negative news about them. Hence it is not possible to believe that you are truly impartial.


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