Demonetisation smacks of political opportunism and is inherently flawed in so many ways


Rifat Jawaid’s video blog: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monetisation announcement leading to scrapping of Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes have wreaked havoc in the lives of ordinary Indians. These Indians, primarily middle-class citizens, have no money to spend and are being forced to go through unspeakable hardship for no fault of their own.

Rifat Jawaid

Parents are being forced to see their loved ones die because their money suddenly has no value. They are just pieces of papers, as described by Modi in his address to the nation on 8 November.

In this video blog Janta Ka Reporter’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid, argues why Modi’s announcement smacks of political opportunism and is inherently flawed in so many ways.

Do watch the video below:


  1. I do not support this move by govt – here is why :

    1) Indian Economy has lost all opporunities forever…to recover billions and trillions of dollors woth of Black Money which could have boosted economy . No one will ever declare more than 2.5 L and get IT on them

    2) Long term effects ? : I see economy pluging down and recession for a long time as most business were running on that ‘black money’ .. It will take a long long time to move money ( black or white) back into the system.

    3) ‘Small Inconvenience’ ? People are dying not in a war .. But on ATMs and Hospitals.. Based on a decision by a govt on its own people.. Even if 1 innocent person is affected by any govt decision is a BAD decision ..

  2. I have been checking and my experience is that Yes some people are suffering and they are suffering because people who do not need the cash are lining up to draw cash.

    Everybody will get effected since this is for the greater good.

    and the statement that ” becuase Javed will be termed as terrorist” is very loaded and I strongly protest


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