Nearly 60 deaths, yet PM Modi finds opportunity to crack jokes at people’s misery


Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made the announcement on demonetisation by scrapping old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, he’s been accused of making fun of millions of suffering public.

 cracks jokes

Hours after he announced demonetisation, he left for Japan for three days, inviting wrath from his critics. While in Japan, he mocked the misery of those, who had weddings planned but faced hardships because of lack of access to their own money due to new restrictions imposed by Modi.

Then in Goa, he allegedly called those standing in queues as those who had been involved in scams. Although his supporters later clarified that that jibe was only meant for Congress VP, Rahul Gandhi.

Now on Saturday, Modi was once accused of mocking he misery of ordinary citizens with his Rs 100 jibe during a live video address to gathering at Global Citizen Festival in Mumbai.

In his speech he said that he was glad that the organisers had not asked him to sing, else they would be asking for refund ‘in Rs 100 notes.’

His remarks are being seen in extremely poor taste as near 60 people have died since 8 November due to demonetisation related stress.

This didn’t go unnoticed by journalists and other social media users.



  1. What is wrong with you people? It is ok for all of you to make jokes on whatsapp and Twitter. But Modiji cant do the same?!! It is your god given right to comment. But it is yiur responsibility people to think before you do. Be sensible. Be reasonable.

  2. 60 deaths is good enough reason for him not to make mockery of the misery of people, forget 60 even if it was 1 death it should have been the same.Nobody would want to go out partying while you lose someone close to you.

    Moreover he is a public figure and his every action in front of lens is a display of his attitude towards the public.

    I could go on & on… but what d he**

  3. This website is definitely opposition’s party’s. think that why this website doesn’t have any got deeds of modi…in fact there numerous good deeds he had completed..

  4. Our respected president of india should imposed economic emergency in india immediately for the sake people of republic of india and should take finance ministey in their office .
    This is sole responsibilityof the prime minister of india for the provison of sufficient currency notes for the people.
    He sholud be ashamed of himself calling prime minister of india and should resign immediately rather than to make joke of the people standing in the cues for the currency and their deaths.
    Prime minister of india is responsible for the deaths of the people of india regarding demonetisation issue.
    Shame on prime minister for not thinking about the present and nothing talking about future of demonetisation.


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