What are the uses of cyber security?


Cyber security refers to keeping an IT system of an organization safe from foreign intrusions and malicious or unauthorized access which can result in a data breach or compromise of the entire system. With everything going online, businesses have started moving all their sensitive data and information onto online servers. In most cases, these servers and databases can be accessed online or through the intranet, both of which makes the data vulnerable to breach.

Cybersecurity expert focuses on ensuring that the IT space of the organization is a safe space and is protected against any and all potential threats while minimizing the risk of the system being compromised due to a bug or malicious intrusion.

What is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity refers to the practice of protecting computer systems from unauthorized access and protection of data, hardware, software, and the entire system architecture and network from cyber attacks and malicious hackers. The trade focuses on protecting networks, programs, devices, and user data from falling into the hands of a malicious hacker.

With the rise in data creation, an unimaginable amount of data is being created every second in computers and information systems around the world. Business organizations store a lot of sensitive data with regards to their business operations and processes and even sensitive data related to their employees.

This data, if compromised and used by a malicious hacker, can spell doom for the business and its employees. It is thus of paramount importance for businesses and organizations that have sensitive information to ensure that such data is not compromised and safe from all malicious attempts.

Cybersecurity, in essence, is risk management and preparation against cyber crimes to protect data and, personnel and information systems against malware, hacking and any other cybercrime.

Protection Against Cyber Crimes

The first and foremost objective of cybersecurity is to protect your sensitive and personal data from falling into the wrong hands. Cybersecurity incorporates assessing risk and managing the said risk so as to ensure that in case of any such threats, there are clear protocols to follow and procedures and fail-safes in place to protect the data in question against any malicious attempts.

Preventing unauthorized access and protecting the integrity of the system, database, and the network is the top priority in cybersecurity. It thus makes sense to address the biggest threat to any information system, humans. In most cases, it is human error or action that leads to compromising the entire system.

One malicious email is enough to bait someone inside the network into putting in a malware that can compromise the integrity of the whole system. It is thus in the interest of the organization and the individuals to ensure that there is enough awareness to be on guard against such scenarios.

Clicking on spam links in emails and downloading untrustworthy files is the fastest way to let someone with a malicious intent into the system. This hacking severely compromises the system as then such a hacker cannot be removed from the system without having to revamp the entire information system, causing substantial damage.

Uses of Cybersecurity

Cyber security has an important role in today’s data-intensive society wherein business, society and even administration and governance is dependent upon online databases, information systems and digital systems that are prone to all the problems talked about in this article.

Be it a coding error, firewall loophole, hacking, or compromising of an employee on the inside via social engineering, it is obvious that Cybersecurity is needed to combat all of it and keep the whole system safe and secure.

Here are some of the major uses of Cybersecurity:

  • Protect Businesses- Cybersecurity can protect sensitive and important business data and information which can be fatal to a business if leaked to its competitors. Your employees and your business can safely use the internet when there are sufficient protocols and safety nets in place to ensure the safety of your business network.
  • Protect Personal Information- personal data is a sensitive issue. With the rise in cases of identity theft, credit card fraud, bank fraud, your personal data needs to be guarded at all costs as compromising your personal data can lead to a huge financial loss at the very least.
  • Protect Websites- Cybersecurity protects your website against hackers from taking it over and disfiguring your website. There have been numerous cases of websites being taken over by hackers which have resulted in financial loss and more often than not, once hackers can get control of your website, they can steal sensitive information and even login credentials to get into your databases and do much more damage and steal important data.
  • Protection Against Ransomware- the case of holding numerous government as well as business websites hostage by hackers is still fresh in all our memories. The ‘Wanna Cry’ ransomware caused millions in financial damage and required businesses to pay in cryptocurrency to get control of their databases and websites back. Such ransomware once inside the system takes control of the databases and other sensitive data and can threaten to destroy the said data and even steal with and ask for a ransom to give back control.
  • Protect User- Cybersecurity works on increasing awareness among the users and employees of a network system to promote a healthy online experience. The more users are able to differentiate between safe and unsafe emails, websites, links and identify phishing and other social engineering attempts the better are the chances of an information system to maintain its integrity and safety of sensitive data.
  • Enforce laws- with stricter Cybersecurity laws, losing private user data is punishable and can be used as grounds to levy a heavy fine. Simply having a capable Cybersecurity solution will keep all the lawsuits and fines away and spare unnecessary trouble for the business.


Cybersecurity is a necessity in this day and age. With the internet being accessible and available to everyone, hackers take advantage of anything they can and this puts the safety and security of a lot of people at risk. Thus ensuring a safe cyberspace is something that cannot be overlooked.


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