Twitter to encash millions of logged-out users


Millions of visitors who access Twitter’s news, events, and entertainment updates through its home page, and those who access tweets through Google search, are among Twitter’s biggest missed revenue opportunities.

Now the company is planning to attempt to make money off people who do not log in, Digital Trends reported.

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According to an estimate, around 500 million people view and consume Twitter content every month without ever logging in.

While these visitors have been considered a potential revenue stream in the past, it was only recently that the company policy makers zeroed in on them as an earning source.

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“We also are monetising logged-out users across the network. This is the first time that we’ve been doing that. It’s going to come in handy as we also begin to run a pilot here in Q4 for on-Twitter logged out monetisation,” COO and revenue chief Adam Bain was quoted as saying.

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