Spotify apoligises after angry users threatened to cancel their accounts


Famous music streaming service Spotify has apologised after its new data privacy policy angered many of its users, who threatened to stop using it.

The company chief executive Daniel Ek has taken to his blog to apologise for the confusion the changes had caused and promised an ‘update’ to the new policy in order to clarify it. He,however, didn’t indicate of this would lead to rolling back of the terms themselves.

.He wrote, “We should have done a better job in communicating what these policies mean and how any information you choose to share will – and will not – be used.”

Under the new rule, Spotify sought access to pictures, contact phone numbers and sensor data stored on the user’s smartphone.

Ek said that Spotify would not access or import people’s photos, contacts, sensor or GPS data without their permission.

The controversy began after Minecraft creator Markus Persson, aka Notch, tweeted to his 2.4 million followers earlier that he was disabling his account.






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